Bulldog Tattoos


Available for pre-order

Bulldog tattoos are here!

These temporary tattoos are custom printed in full color and are perfectly sized for your cheek or hand.

Measuring 1.25" x 1.1" they apply easily with water and can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Just peel clear cover from tattoo, place face down, soak carrier sheet with water and POOF! You have your tattoo!

Available in quantities of 25 or more.

  • Enter Tattoos 2 for 20% off 2 sheets
  • Enter Tattoos 3 for 30% off 3 sheets
  • Enter Tattoos 4 for 40% off 4 sheets
  • Enter Tattoos 5 for 50% off 5 sheets

As with any temporary tattoo, we recommend that you don't leave on for more than 72 hours.

To remove tattoo you can use baby oil, rubbing alcohol or packing tape.

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